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Junior Solar Sprint 2017

Eastern Mass race will be

Saturday May 20th 2017

The Races were completed under a day of full sun

Many thanks to all of the parents and individuals who stepped in to volunenteer since many of our regulars could not be there.


Hope to see you next year!


Location: The Belmont High School running track

297 Concord Ave.

Belmont, MA 02478


Looking forward to Schools Participating:

Bancroft School (Worcester)

Belmont Day School (Belmont)

Chenery Middle School (Belmont)

Edwards Middle School (Charlestown) *

Galvin Middle School (Canton)

Fenn School (Concord)

Ferryway School (Malden)

Meadowbrook School (Weston)

Noble and Greenough School (Dedham)

Samoset Middle School (Leominster)

Others, let us know!

                                         * Harvard Science Outreach Program




Any questions, problems with links or forms, please email


Location:  Belmont High School Belmont Mass

Please note the earlier times!


Schedule- Please check back for changes:


9:00 to 10:00

Registration, Inspection &

Judging (continuing throughout)

9:00 to 9:45
Track setup & Practice track setup
10:00 to 11:45
Double Elimination(2) Rounds
11:45 to12:15
12:15 to 12:45 
Final Rounds


*Time and good weather is often limited so breaks may be eliminated.  We will have some refreshments but a bag lunch is advised.

Please Note:

1) We will be starting the same time as last year please review the schedule; a bag lunch is advised.

2) Registration and inspection will take place in the adjacent area outside the track itself; we are not allowed on the track until noon, which is when the track setup will take place.

3) Each school or program should send in their registration form by May 10th.

4) Each team should bring their team registration with them.

School Registration Form  (adobe PDF: 83kb) 

Note: past year forms can be used just change dates)

Team Registration Form   (adobe PDF: 68kb) -
Bring one team registration form for each team.

JSS 2010 Rule book - Rules are good for the 2015 Race (rules have not changed)

Below is a list of the schools who plan to send team. More are welcome. Limits per school/program

is the same as past years. Email if questions.

Below is the current list of schools participating in the Jr. Solar Sprint this year.

Past year's schools below -New school list will be posted when we recieve applications

Dever-McCormack K-8 School (Dorchester)CS

Edwards Middle School (Charlestown)CS

Galvin Middle School (Canton)

Joseph Lee Middle School (Dorchester) CS

Meadowbrook School (Weston)

Noble and Greenough School (Dedham)

Normandin Middle School (New Bedford) CS

Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School (Roxbury) CS

The Pike School (Andover)

St. Herman of Alaska school (Allston)

CS denotes a participating Citizen School

(details to follow. We will try for the same(below) as last year, but check back later)
There will be parking available at the Belmont high school.

Volunteers Needed:

We need volunteers to help with all race day tasks: setup, registration, judging, car repair, and many other tasks. Speak to any of the BASEA staff or email   us with your interest immediately.

About JSS:

The Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) is a national hands-on educational program that encourages students to develop theoretical and applied engineering skills.  Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to design, build, and race solar powered model cars.   The top 60-100 cars from participating Eastern Massachusetts schools compete in area competition sponsored by BASEA and this year by MIT.  

JSS was originally created by the United States Department of Energy in an effort to educate young people about renewable energy and the environment.  Since its inception in 1990, the program has moved from a predominantly publicly funded program to an almost entirely privately funded program.

Click here if you wish to receive periodic JSS News and Updates via e-mail.

The Junior Solar Sprint 2009

The 2009 JSS event held on Saturday May 16, 2009, started off a beauitful day with a alittle wind.

Fortunately we beat the clouds.


The Junior Solar Sprint 2008

The 2008 JSS event was held Saturday 17 May, 2008, thanks to the good timing of the event which coincided with a break in rainy, overcast weather. The result was a race held in full sun, with a great turnout and creative participation

BASEA sincerely thanks all participating students, teachers, schools, parents and helpful volunteers who, working together, made for a really good experience.




    Sponsored by:
  • The Boston Area Solar Energy Association






Frequently Asked Questions:
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What are the rules for designing a JSS car?
How can my school participate in the JSS?
What resources are available to help me and my students?
How can I help with the JSS?
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