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...And Help Promote Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future


BASEA welcomes your membership. Your financial contribution helps us sponsor the Junior Solar Sprint, an annual model solar car competition for middle school students, our monthly BASEA Forum Renewable Energy Lecture Series, and this web site.



BASEA is a registered non-profit organizations. All donations are completely tax-deductible.

BASEA sustains its programs through generous donations both  large and small  by many concerned individuals. Please consider adding us to your “end of the year contribution list.” Our future depends on it.

BASEA also welcomes any direct donations to further our local Forums and other events. Contact Henry Vandermark.


2011 BASEA Board of Directors

Henry Vandermark, Chair
Mike Higgins, Vice-Chair
Sajed Kamal, Secretary
Mark Levine, Treasurer
Members at Large: Menry MacLean

BASEA Board Assignments - September 2011


Mike Higgins

Web Site/Newsletter

Mike Higgigns

Junior Solar Sprint

Mark Levine
Henry Vandermark (advisor)