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The BASEA forums are held September through May, the second Thursday of each month, at the 1st Parish Unitarian Church, #3 Church St., Harvard Square, Cambridge.

Reception begins at 7:00 pm, with the program beginning at 7:30. The forums are free and open to the public.


Apr 19th:

Shalini Kantayya, award-winning director and eco-activist, Fullbright Scholar, Sundance Fellow

Shalini Kantayya's feature length documentary, Catching the Sun, makes its area premiere. The film explores the global race to a clean energy future, and is regarded as the most ambitious solar-power-centric movie yet.
View the trailer for Catching the Sun at:
Mar 10th:

Mark Sandeen, President of Mass Solar (, and founder of RePower Partners, LLC

Mark Sandeen speaks about the current effort by pro-fossil fuel, anti-solar lobbyists to squash solar across the nation, and the battle shaping up in Massachusetts as the state legislature gears up to consider an omnibus energy bill. Mark inspect effective ways to reject the questionable messaging being putting out. For more information, please visit The Truth About Solar.
Feb 11th:

Jose Aleman: former General Consul of El Salvador for New England, company founder and co-owner

Jose Aleman presents a development project seeking input, investment and connections to the Boston Area solar and academic communities, as well as the support and involvement of our local Salvadoran immigrant community -- a 5 megawatt PV project called Loma Larga Granja Solar (English: "Long Hill Solar Farm"), for which he and his team are well-positioned to secure a government contract. The project's approach is unique, community-based, and suggests a new model for distributed energy development, opening up opportunities for many smaller contributors.
Jan 12th:

Quinton Zondervan: Activist, Climate Action Business Association, Inc.

Quinton Zondervan, non-profit leader and dedicated community activist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, served as an official observer to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) climate talks in Paris. Quinton reports on the COP21, which surpassed expectations to deliver the historic Paris Agreement ("L'accord de Paris") to globally reduce climate change and sent a signal to investors that the closing of the fossil fuel era has begun.


Nov 12th:

Fred Unger: Heartwood Group, Inc., Mark LeBel: Acadia Center, Nathan Phelps: Vote Solar

Fred, Mark, and Nathan, three local thinkers and doers, lead an open discussion on Massachusetts solar policy - the local fight. The discussion provides an update on solar policy in Massachusetts. Fred has helped to develop more than 10 MW of renewable energy. In 2007, Massachusetts had less than that in total installed capacity; we now have 967 MW. Now it is partially halted by net metering caps. A bill in the Governor's office to lift net metering caps actually seeks to put future restrictions on solar deployment, rather than simply removing the net metering obstacles. The latest solar policy news, lessons learned from the solar industry's policy efforts of the last couple of years, and future developments will be discussed.
Oct 8th:

Emily Kirkland: Better Future Project

Emily Kirkland provides an introduction to the film, Off + On: The Climate Movement and the Road Through Paris. The film explores the long road through Rio, Kyoto, Bali, Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban, Doha, Warsaw and Lima, and finally to Paris for the COP21, 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference held on November 30 to December 11, 2015. Emily also speaks about the local work of 350 Massachusetts, a statewide volunteer-led climate action network that is fighting to stop new fossil fuel projects, promote clean energy, put a price on carbon, and divest our state pension fund from fossil fuels.
Sept 10th:

Joel Wool: Clean Energy Campaign Organizer

Joel Wool, a Bay State native,Clean Water Action in 2011 campaign organizer, alumnus of AmeriCorps and the JOIN for Justice Fellowship, speaks on developments in solar energy, and discusses Mass Power Forward's multi-organization campaign to move Massachusetts toward a safer and healthier economy powered by local clean, renewable sources, maximized energy efficiency, responsibly sited solar, wind on- and off-shore, and energy storage – and how you can help.
May 14th:

Bruce Allen: Lights to Our Future: Stories of Trial and Hope from Fukushima, Minamata, and Japan

Bruce Allen, Professor of English at Seisen University in Japan, shares stories of trial and hope based on Japanese environmental incidents, including those in Fukushima and Minamata. Incorporating segments from a recent documentary film about Ishimure Michiko, Japan's foremost environmental writer-activist, Bruce tells of efforts of the Japanese to come to terms with environmental and energy challenges, and to nurture reconciliation and hope for the future.
April 9th:

Craig Altemose: Save Cape Wind campaign and a review of "Stand Up for Solar" Lobby Day on Beacon Hill

Craig Altemose, Executive Director of Better Future Project, discusses the campaign to save Cape Wind and the push to save the nation's first offshore wind farm. The effort and petition by Better Future Project quickly attracted more than 100,000 signatures, indicating significant public sentiment to get moving on the transition to renewable energy in Massachusetts. Altemose discusses how Cape Wind — a 468-MW wind farm with 130 turbines proposed for Nantucket Sound — is a vital first step.
Mar 12th:

Emily Rochon & Haskell Werlin: Current Solar Legislation and the Net Metering and Solar Task Force

Emily Rochon, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy for Boston Community Capital (BCC), and Haskell Werlin, Business Development Director at Solar Design Associates and founding member of MassSolar, speak about current solar-related legislation, with a focus on developments with the Net Metering and Solar Task Force. Also on the agenda, is discussion about MassSolar's planned public day of support for solar in April.
Feb 12th:

Movie Showing: "A Fierce Green Fire"

Spanning 50 years of grassroots and global activism, A Fierce Green Fire (Sundance, 2011), documents vital stories and achievements of the environmental movement over the years. The hard fought battles, from halting dams in the Grand Canyon to fighting toxic waste at Love Canal; from Greenpeace to Chico Mendes; from climate change to the promise of transforming our civilization, is "nothing less than the history of environmentalism itself." (Los Angeles Times).


Nov 13th:

Malcolm Bliss - Community Shared Solar and Virtual Net Metering

Malcolm Bliss, Regional Outreach Manager at Next Step Living, introduces shared access to solar power through Community Solar, a system of virtual net metering, where energy produced in one location can be credited to a customer in another place. Available to the nearly 80% of Massachusetts customers who would like to go solar, it represents an opportunity to greatly expand renewable energy in our electric system. One impediment is recent proposed legislation (Bill 4185) that threatens to limit its use.
Oct 9th:

Nathan Phelps - What's Next for Solar in Massachusetts?

Nathan Phelps, Program Manager of Distributed Generation Regulatory Policy at Vote Solar, and has worked with the MA Climate Protection and Green Economy Advisory Committee, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and the United States Agency for International Development. Nathan speaks on the growth of solar power in Massachusetts since 2007 and its future of solar in Massachusetts and the work of the task force created to study overall policy and engage public participation in the wake of the vote on the recently proposed Bill H.4185 regarding net metering caps.
Sept 11th:

Kate Clopeck & Sister Leonore Coan - Saha Global and the African Photovoltaic Project

Kate Clopeck, Executive Director for Saha Global, has worked extensively on water improvement projects around the globe since 2005. Sister Leonore Coan, is the Mission Support Director for the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and a teacher and administrator for twenty-two years in elementary schools of the Archdiocese of Boston and the Worcester Diocese. They speak about The African Photovoltaic Project, which grew out of the struggles faced by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN), and on working in Africa to empower women in rural communities to solve their village's need for clean water and electricity by providing business opportunities through bringing leaders from around the world to train local women to launch profitable social enterprises.
May 8th:

Ambrose Spencer - Denmark - On Top of the Renewable World

Technician and independent researcher Ambrose Spencer, whose commitment to acting locally and exploration of pathways to zero carbon for our region, has demonstrated efficiency in small multifamily housing and community wind ownership models. He speaks on Denmark's history of implementing renewable energy solutions, transitioning complex energy systems into usable systems, and its plan to increase renewables' electric energy share from 20 to 25 percent of annual energy to 50, even 60, percent.
Mar 13th:

Dr. Douglas Zook - Earth-Centered Ethics - The Missing Pillar?

Professor Douglas Zook, Boston University, made the case for fostering an earth-centered ethics, as a necessary paradigm change from our human-centered way of consumption and growth, to be a pillar of a sustainable planetary future. He focuses on implenting this through the education system, business leaders and youth programs. We were honored with Prof. Zook's views and his commitment to this vision.
Feb 13th:

Mark Winterer - Up on the (Green) Roof....and Boston's Article 89

Mark Winterer, Director of Operations of Recover Green Roofs, talks about his pioneering of rooftop farms. Mark discusses various rooftop growing projects, including award-winning rooftop farms Ledge Kitchen & Drinks and the Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA that he helped design and build. Also discussed is Boston's Article 89, which establishes farming as an "acceptable use" in the city's zoning code, making this work possible.
Jan 9th:

Sophie Robinson - Progress in 2013, Plans for 2014

Sophie Robinson, Vice Coordinator of the group 350Massachusetts, talks about continued growth of clean energy employment in Massachusetts. The past year's accomplishments and what's in store for a sustainable energy future, are discussed. A preview of NESEA's Building Energy 14 and a screening of "Gasland 2" round out the evening.


December 12th:

Adam Greenberg & Keith Burrows - Report from Warsaw (COP-19) -&- New Insights on Creating an Operational Rating System for Homes

Adam Greenberg, Media Coordinator for 350 Massachusetts, and Keith Burrows, whose work in operational rating systems for homes based on the benchmarking of Energy Use Intensity (EUI) has earned the Greene Master of Design Studies Award in Sustainable Design, discuss the new international agreement on economy-wide emissions-reduction commitments, and how our local action contributes to the global movement towards climate security.
November 14th:

Nikhil Nadkarni & Alissa Whiteman - Energy Transparency - City and Statewide Initiatives

Nikhil Nadkarni, Climate and Buildings Program Manager at the City of Boston's Environment Department, overseer of implementation of the City's Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) and Alissa Whiteman, Project Manager for "Home MPG", an initiative within Mass Save® that gives homeowners an Energy Performance Score (EPS), speak about integrating energy awareness into the marketplace through the development of transparent standards for commerical and residential real estate.
October 10th:

Craig Foley - Realty's New Reality - The Emerging High Performance Home Marketplace

Craig Foley, author of the first report on high performance homes in Massachusetts, "Study of Energy Efficiency, Utility Costs and High Performance Homes on the Massachusetts Residential Marketplace 2012", speaks about recognizing and integrating high performance homes into the evolving real estate market.
September 12th:

Marianne DiMascio - Appliance Standards Awareness Project - Championing Efficiency Standards

Marianne DiMascio, Outreach Director for the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, speaks about building awareness and support for appliance efficiency standards at the federal and state level through outreach, education and advocacy.
June 13th:

Jim Dunn - Solar PV Resiliency During Power Outages

Jim Dunn, President of Future Solar Systems LLC has over 30 years experience in a variety of high technology ventures. He discusses new methods for utilizing solar PV power during outages and grid shut-down.
May 9th:

John R. Ehrenfeld & Justin V. Good - Sustainability and Spirituality

Dr. John R. Ehrenfeld, former Director of the MIT Program on Technology, Business and Environment, author of Flourishing: A Frank Conversation about Sustainability, and Dr. Justin V. Good, Executive Director of the solar-powered Sanctuary at Shepardfields, examine "sustainability" from a philosophical perspective.
April 11th:

350 Massachusetts ( ) - Local Grassroots Growing

Eli Gerzon, leader of 's Political Accountability team, gives a "how to" presentation on developing grassroots voices that can make a difference towards acheiving renewable energy goals.
Feb 14th:

Proposed Incentives for Thermal Renewable Energy in Massachusetts, - Let's Add Some Heat!

Charlie Niebling, General Manager of New England Wood Pellet talks about current efforts to get thermal renewable energy added to the APS.
Jan 10th:

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (Fraunhofer CSE), - More than Meets the Eye!


Dec 13th:

Shea Riester, from, and student leaders from BU, Brandeis, Harvard & Tufts, - No Time To Rest! It's Time To Divest!
Nov 8th:

Sagewell, Inc., Citywide Thermal Imaging - Catalyzing Solar Programs
Oct 11th:

Ryan Katofsky, Elizabeth Kennedy, Solarize Massachusetts (Solarize Mass)
Sept 13th:

Harry Lynch, Director of the film Switch

Switch Energy Project
Apr 14th:

Mike Higgins, Chelsea Kelly, Solar Decathlon

Europe 2010 Overview and DC 2011 Massachusetts Preview.
Solar Decathlon Announcement
Apr 12th:

Audrey Schulman, activist, author and President of HEET


NESEA Building Energy 2011

Building Energy Conference
Feb 16th:

Chris Williams, The Potential of Distributed Energy.

As a complement to our January Forum, Chris Williams, founder of GreenLight Distrikt, gave an update on single-home energy solutions, current technologies, and potential for total impact and contribution to a clean energy future.
Forum and Speaker Details
Jan 13th:

Clayton Handleman, Our Renewable Energy Future

A complete overview from a long-time BASEA member and renewable energy expert. Announcement

Because of the holidays the December forum was not held.

Nov 11th:

Dr. Abi Barrow, MTTC: Highlights, Impact, and Moving Forward

A follow-up the ideas, innovations and companies presenting over the past six years at the MTTC Annual Conference on Clean Energy Announcement
Oct 14th

Fred Schlicher, MCAN

MCAN is one of the newest and yet largest and most successful organizations grappling with issues and activism on climate change. An overview of their successes, challenges, and the range of activities.
MCAN Forum AnnouncementMCAN Presentation
Sept. 8

Stephen R. Connors, MIT Energy Initiative

"Getting to Plug and Play in Renewables: Challenges and Opportunities for Clean Energy during the Economic Doldrums"

Intro to PresentationPresentation

2009-2010: The Economics of a Changing World

April 8th:

Terri Sacco, A-123 Systems, The Changing World of Energy Storage.

A-123 Systems is a young, rapidly growing company working on the next generation of batteries.  Based on work at MIT, their technology is based on nano-lithium phosphate, reducing impedance, and offering "a new combination of power, safety, and life".
Download Announcement.
March 10th:

NESEA, 2010 Building Energy Conference

Wonderful workshops, speakers and exhibitors
February 10th: Cancelled
January 14th:

John Miller, UMass Dartmouth, Marine Renewable Energy Center

John Miller Forum Announcement  The Marine Renewable Energy Center (MREC) is a pioneer in the development and testing of a broad range of marine-based renewable energy strategies, including far off-shore wind, tidal, current, and wave technologies.
Ocean Energy: New England's Unlimited Energy Opportunity
December 10th:

Chad Laurent, Meister Consulting Group.

Forum Announcement   MCG provides a range of customized consulting and research solutions to both public and private sector clients.
Renewable Heating and Cooling in the US: The Missing Piece in Climate Planning; Markets and Future Policy Directions
November 5th:

Joonki Song, PHOTON Consulting: The PV Industry -- A Global Update.

Forum Announcement  Joonki Song, from PHOTON Consulting reported on the global overview as well as a projection going forward a half-decade.  Due to the proprietary nature of the information, a pdf is not available.  The presentation was based on 2009 PHOTON Consulting Report: Solar Annual: Total Eclipse.  For this and other publications: PHOTON Consulting.

October 8th:

Dr. Rachel Cleetus, Economist with Union of Concerned Scientists

Forum Announcement  Dr. Cleetus reported on the modeling task that she and UCS undertook to project a path to a sustainable future, using the latest information on sustainable green-house gas levels.  The recent UCS report details the the policies and economic mix of energy technologies that would result from meeting this goal.  The complete report is available at Climate 2030: A National Blueprint for a Clean Energy Economy.
September 10th:

A Conversation with Professor William Moomaw,The Fletcher School.

Dr. Moomaw had just returned from Europe, where he participated in a committee meeting of the IPCC 2010 report panel, and gave an overview of activity and policy around the world.
Notes from Professor Moomaw's Presentation

2008-09: Focusing on the Built Environment: Building a Better America.

May Forum

Paul Eldrenkamp, And Friends

Reaching Sustainability in the Existing Built Environment, Part II: A Building Science Slam with Jonathan Kantar, Sage Builders; Simon Hare, Place Tailor; Gregory Caplan, Living Structures; Cador Pricejones, Byygmeister; and Carter Scott, Transformations.

February Forum

Vincent DeVito, LLC, Energy and Climate Change attorney

Looking into the Future of U.S. Energy Policy
January Forum

Colin Booth, Project Coordinator

The BAC/Tufts 2009 Solar Decathlon House
December Forum

Andrea Atkinson, Nexus/Boston Green Building Council

Nexus' View of Green Building
November Forum

Green City Team

Henry P. MacLean, AIA, of Timeless Architecture, Franziska Amacher, Architect, LEED AP Amacher and Associates, Gerard Ives, Architect Ives Architects,  Dr. Karen Weber, Foundation for a Green Future, Inc., and Mark Kelley, PE, Hickory Consortium.

Boston Green City CenterGreen City VisionProposal For A Green City Hall

October Forum

Josh Hassol, President and CEO of the Cambridge Energy Alliance

The Cambridge Energy Alliance is a city-sponsored nonprofit group created to save home-owners and businesses money, while reducing Cambridge's carbon footprint and creating jobs.

2007-08: The Clean Energy Marketplace, Part II: Solutions, Potential Growth, and Energy Policies to Catalyze a Faster Rate of Solution to Market

May 8:

Dr. Sajed Kamal, Brandeis University Lecturer

"Renewable Solutions"
April 10:

Kelly Lindenboom, Verenium Corporation

"The Potential of Bio-Fuels" Proprietary, pdf not available.
March 13:

Cancelled; will be rescheduled.

Tonio Buonassisi, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Photovoltaic Group: "PV Technology Update: Problems and Potential Solutions"
January 10:

Joseph Adiletta, A123: "Next Generation Battery Storage Technology". Proprietary, PDF not available.

December 20:

Karina Funk, Winslow Management

“A Tour of the Public Clean Energy Universe”. Proprietary, PDF not available.
November 8:

The MIT Solar Decathlon Team

“A Report from the Washington Solar Decathlon Showcase"
October 11:

Eric Emmons, Principal Mass Green Energy Fund

“An Investment Capital Perspective"
September 6

Greg Watson, Liaison to the Clean Technology Industry in the Patrick administration

“Clean Energy Industry in Massachusetts: The Administration’s Perspective"

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