The Boston Area Solar Energy Association 

Promoting Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to the 2006-2007

BASEA Forum Series


September: Professor William Moomaw, Tufts University: “An Update on What We Know about Global Warming and Climate Change”; PDF online.

October: Dr. Linda Plano, Associate Director, MTTC: “Clean Energy Entrepreneurship: Turning Laboratory Results into Marketplace Reality”. 

November: Hilary Flynn, Senior Researcher at the Prometheus Institute: “Polysilicon: Supply, Demand and Implications for the World’s PV Industry”; PDF at  

December: Karina Funk, Former manager at MTC’s Renewable Energy Trust and consultant with Charles River Ventures: “An Update on the Finance Market for Clean Technology”; PDF online

January: Paul Angelico, President and COO, Twin Rivers Technologies, “The Potential of Bio-Fuels, from Twin Rivers’ Perspective”;; PDF online

February: Quincy Vale/ John Rossi, Powerhouse, “How Integrated Design Can Make Healthy, Stylish and Sustainable Homes Attainable by All”;; PDF online

March: Mark Buckley, Director of Environmental Affairs, Staples, a member of Climate Northeast, "How Modern Companies are Adapting to a Carbon-Constrained World and Learning to Manage the Energy Component of Their Supply Chain”;, and; PDF online.  


Still To Come: 

April 12: Steven Strong, Founder and President, Solar Design Associates, “Sunlight is Life: The Path toward a Sustainable Future”;


May 10: John H. Rogers, Senior Analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists, “Sustainable Energy in the Northeast:  Policies, Problems, and Prospects” 


We look forward to seeing you in Cambridge.